Snipétte â Tète Webinar: 16/17 Jan 2021

When rains fail and the land goes dry, it's time for people and animals to search for greener pastures. But coffee plants have no legs, and cannot move. When drought and climate change strike down, they need to adapt in other ways.

Have you ever thought of the story behind your cup of coffee? Join Thuan Sarzynski, a French Vietnamese coffee researcher from the University of Montpellier, as he shares his work in Vietnam on ensuring a safe future for coffee.

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New York: Sat, 16 Jan, 10:30pm
India: Sun, 17 Jan, 9:00am
Vietnam: Sun, 17 Jan, 10:30am
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Duration: 1 hour

How to attend

There are two ways to attend the webinar. You can either pre-register as a Live Guest to join the video call and interact directly with the author, or tune into the YouTube livestream and post your comments there. You're welcome to bring along your cup of coffee.

Before the event, you're also welcome to email us your questions or tweet @snipettemag with hashtag #AskSnipette. We'll do our best to incorporate all your questions in the webinar.