No Matter: No Mind?

A history of the universe in verse

No Matter: No Mind?

A history of the universe in verse

When the sun in the east punctures the dawn
A red glow in the sky heralds the morn.
Why does it come and go every day
When it would be much easier to stay?

But science gives a simple explanation
Earth on its axis is in rotation.
But what makes the Earth spin like a top?
Why in the longer run does it not stop?
Maybe the hand of God keeps it going
To prevent it from toing and froing.

In the beginning it all got started
With the explosive energy imparted.
Through the crimson fireball filling the sky
Chaos did reign as the cosmos did fry.

From chaos, what order could come to be?
Only a great mind could possibly see.
Some claim it was all a matter of chance
That led the sky on such a merry dance.
If this be so, our entrance on the stage
May never have adorned history’s page.

Yet we do exist and possess a mind
For the mysteries of the universe to find.
All neurons fire fast within our big brain
Advantage over other life to gain.

So humans have come to rule the planet
And now have invented the internet,
To connect Jack with Jill and Jill with Bill
And with all the others over the hill.
With each one attached to their own machine
Such a powerful brain was not foreseen.

Where is the mind which inhabits this brain,
Which connects us all in an endless chain?
Before man arrived it did not exist.
After he is gone, will it still persist?

Was the universe destined to be smart,
To go well beyond the horse and cart?
Perhaps a kind of intelligent life,
Which evolved with time until it was rife?
Was it in God’s plan for this to take place,
That his mind and ours would have the same face?

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